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Frugal Days and Emergency Rooms

June 26th, 2005 at 06:17 pm

I'm sitting here extremely tired right now because I spent half the night in the emergency room with Zac. He was just screaming non stop which is really out of character for him and i couldn't find anything wrong, no fever or rash or anything to upset him. The doctor at the emergency room couldn't find anything wrong with him either and kept us in there for two hours observation before he sent us home saying Zacs cold was probably just upsetting him a lot. As soon as we got out into the carpark Zac threw up all over my Dad, it would seem he has inherited my fear of being sick and holds onto it for as long as possible. To top things off it was only 1 degree celcius and my dad had locked the keys in the car so we had to wait for Mum to come and rescue us. Zac seems to be better now though, he's sitting in his high chair eating vegemite toast and blowing rasberries with mouthfulls of water and getting it everywhere. I love all the cute things he does, even if he does make a mess.

I've had a couple of good days managing our money. On Saturday i went to a discount shop at lunch time and bought 4 Enid Blyton books, they're illustrated in colour (not like the ones i grew up reading) for only $3.99 each, they were originally $9.99 each and i'm going to put them away in the gift box for a present for Zac when he's a little older. I went to one shop to look for tea towels and found them on sale 3 for $2 but looked in another shop and i found some that were 4 for $1.25 so i bought them instead.

On Sunday we went to a big clearance sale at a local department store and walked out with...NOTHING. We decided there wasn't anything in there that we really needed and decided to spend a small fraction of what we had planned to spend to rent out a couple of DVD's and buy a bag of lollies so we could enjoy a movie night.

Daisy came back from the vets and thankfully wasn't pregnant because that would have cost us an extra $80 if she was. The kittens she'd already had have both found new homes now so all the cat issues are over. My next focus is paying the $376 storage unit bill. I might have to pay half this week and half next week otherwise we won't be able to eat.

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