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July 11th, 2005 at 06:25 pm

Well, I looked at the other two-bedroom townhouse yesterday and discovered the reason for it being so cheap. The outside of the building looked really good but you get inside and OMG! THe floor of the WHOLE house was mis-matched tiles, the walls were just house bricks, the bathroom was in the laundry which had a back door (so you'd be sitting on the dunny and someone would walk in from the backyard), the stairs were BARE CONCRETE like porch stairs only REALLY STEEP, you get to the top of the stairs and it's just one big room with a couple of benches thrown in for a kitchen and a wire sticking out of the wall for tv connection. The really weird thing was the bedrooms being downstairs and the living room upstairs, it's usually the other way around, Mum and I were peeing ourselves laughing all the way home!

I looked at a two-bedroon apartment yesterday afternoon and it is PERFECT! The rent is at the top of what we had budgeted for but it will be worth it if we get it. It's nice and big with a new kitchen, bathroom and laundry, it's open plan and has a verandah coming off the living room with big double glass doors so there is plenty of light. As soon as I walked into this place it just felt like home, I can see us living there quite comfortably. I lodged my application with the real estate this morning so now we just have to wait. They will contact us within the next 48 hours to let us know the results. I'm a little bit nervous about it, the application form asked for rental receipts and a reference from the last real estate we went through, both of which the last real estate was too lousy to supply us with so I explained it to the receptionist and I just hope she passes the message on to the property manager for us. Fingers Crossed!!!

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