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June 22nd, 2005 at 01:21 am

It has occurred to me how great it will be once my partner has his licence. He will be getting a payrise as well as a company ute, which comes complete with free fuel. We'll be able to check out garage sales, clearance sales etc without it costing us a cent in petrol! If we pack our lunches, snacks and drinks for any long trips, we won't be wasting money on takeaways either. It also means we will be able to plan family camping trips as well. My parents have all the camping equipment you can dream of so we can borrow all of their stuff, pack food and all we'll have to pay for are site fees, fishing licences and bait, which won't amount to much for a holiday at all.

I've tracked down a nearby Warehouse that sells bulk cleaning supplies, including things such as toilet paper, paper towel and rubber gloves. They deliver to businesses all over the place, including my partners workplace and he said that their products are really good quality. I looked at their prices on-line and their products are heaps cheaper then reatail. For example, their laundry powder turns out to be less than a dollar per kilo and the cheapest i've found laundry powder anywhere else it was $2 per kilo and that was for a cheap brand on special! I emailed them to find out if they sell direct to the public and they said yes and they'll even deliver to me for free on one of their regular runs. We'll be paying them a visit once we've moved out that's for sure!

Miss Daisy, my cat, is at the vets ready for her desexing, microchipping and vaccination tomorrow and they quoted me $243.50 but it will be more if she's in heat or pregnant. Her kittens are only 7 weeks old so i'm hoping that she's not. It's a lot to pay for a cat that my parents are going to keep because i don't want to have her cooped up in an apartment when she's always been an outside cat. She is my responsibility though so i don't really mind.

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