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June 28th, 2005 at 04:15 pm

I have done a weekly budget for when we have moved and have slightly overestimated some things just in case.

Rent - 215 (this is the most we are willing to pay when we find an apartment)
Elecricity - 30 (this is slightly more then we paid when it was just the two of us)
Phone & net - 20
Preschool - 60
Sponsor child - 15
Christmas club - 60 (only until the end of october then we will cut down to $15)
Spending - 40 (this is to cover weekend fun, will save some for camping, going to the zoo etc)
Extras - 30 (this is to pay off lay-bys, clothes, any inexpensive gifts we find, things like that)
Groceries - 130

TOTAL $600
All money leftover from Spending, Extras and Groceries will go into individual labelled jars for spending later.

Between the two of us we earn a minimum of $800 a week, that's on a bad week. So we should be able to save a minimum of $200 every week as long as we stick to our budget. Obviously any unexpected costs such as medical will have to come out of our savings if we can't cover it with any money that's saved from Extras, Spending and Groceries. Thankfully we are all healthy and our Christmas club payments are only that high because we are paying off a new fridge, stereo and stainless steel banquet frying pan with it. After going through a few second hand appliances before we had Zac, we decided to buy some good quality new appliances (nothing flashy) so we had the warranty and guarantees to cover them.

Good news, my partner finally got back paid for some overtime he worked so we are able to pay all of the storage unit bill this week. Next week we have to pay for his driving test and two lessons, then we are free to continue saving the week after that.

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