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Mixed Emotions

July 1st, 2005 at 12:19 am

My partner and I decided we will start trying for another baby in about 2 years so we can get some money behind us and enjoy Zac before the next baby comes along. I was really happy with this decision and it is what I wanted...so why am i so upset that the pregnancy test i did today was negative? I should be happy and I know we will have another one in a few years but right now, because I thought I might have been pregnant, I feel really sad that i'm not. I guess i've learned the hard way not to forget to get my pill prescription filled.

On a brighter note, I have found the perfect place for us to live. It's a 3 bedroom townhouse with a double lock-up garage and storage space. It has a verandah which overlooks the lowlands (farmers paddocks) and the blue mountains, it's right next door to a park with playing equipment (it's not in the centre of town so it never gets busy or noisy) Zac's preschool is just around the corner and it will only take me 10 minutes to walk to work. I'm trying to arrange an inspection but it is still occupied so i have to wait for the real estate to organise it with the tenants. They are ringing me on Monday to let me know when i can see it. I've really got my fingers crossed that we get this one, I hope there's not too much competition for it.

More good news, my partner was told at his driving lesson yesterday that he's ready and doesn't need to take two lessons next week so that's going to save us $50. He'll just have the one lesson immediately before his test. I REALLY hope he passes first time.

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