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July 5th, 2005 at 04:11 pm

I've been going through my copy of the Complete Tightwad Gazzette and writing down all the ideas that i can use to save money. The plan is to tick off each idea as it becomes a habit and work my way down the list. Here's what i've got to start with:

1) Record all spending habits. Write down everything we spend money on.
2) After three months, divide the list into essentials and non - essentials, cut down on the non-essentials
3) Start a price book
4) Shop regularly at second hand stores and garage sales for everything from clothes to furniture that we need.
5) Hang washing on the clothesline, avoid the dryer.
6) Make pizza from scratch insead of getting home deliveries.
7) Cut right back on soda consumption.
8) Pack all work lunches.
9) Start eating for good health, avoid junk food, watch portion sizes.
10) Switch to cloth nappies and home made wipes.
11) Squash toilet paper rolls so they don't unroll as easily so we will use less.
12) Start bulk buying things on special that we will use before they expire.
13) Exercise and get healthy to reduce medical costs.
14) Wash any zip lock bags that haven't stored meat or poultry.
15) Work out what the cost of each meal you cook is and regularly use your cheapest meals.
16) Re use bread bags as short term freezer bags for meat.
17) Make crumbs out of stale bread and store in the freezer.
18) Make washers or baby wipes out of worn out old towels.
19) Use old cloth nappies as cleaning rags.
20) Make popcorn for snacks (not the microwave kind)
21) Invest in an aloe vera plant to treat wounds and burns. Offspring can be given as presents.
22) Re use wrapping paper
23) Eliminate conenience foods from your shopping. Divide things into portion sizes yourself.
24) Buy store/generic products unless there is a good deal on name brand which brings the cost below generic.
25) Do the shopping at a time when the fresh foods departments have done their mark downs.
26) Never waste food. Always find a way to use leftovers.
27) Find the minimum effective amount of everything. (shampoo, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, etc.)

That's all i've got so far and i'm only a third of the way through the book.

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