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Waiting waiting waiting...

July 5th, 2005 at 02:59 pm

Still haven't heard from the Real Estate about looking at that townhouse. It's school holidays here so maybe the tenants have gone away and the real estate can't get in contact with them. If the real estate hasn't called me by 4pm i'll call them to find out what's going on.

Hubby and I both worked some overtime last week so I was able to pay all the bills, put $200 away for his driving test and save $250 for our move. It helps that we did a big grocery shop last week and didn't need to get much yesterday. We now have all the money we need for our deposit on the townhouse. Next week we'll put aside some money to hire a ute to help us move and the week after that we'll put aside money for our first grocery shop. Everything's falling into place, just as long as we can get this townhouse.

It's tax time for us and I can't wait to get our group certificates so we can do our taxes. We've got a couple of thousand dollars heading our way which will more than pay off that credit card and leave us 100% debt free.

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